About Me

Artistic Work presented in different TV shows

 I was able to present my different artistic work at different tv shows.

President of the Women's Organization "Mujer Pro Mujer, Inc."

I was the proud president of the non-profit organization named "Mujer Pro Mujer, Inc," which was an organization dedicate to advocate for women's right and to create awareness against domestic violence

Speaker for Different Entities

I was able to be part of different conference for community entities. The one above was with the students of the Job Corp in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

President of the Aguadilla Regional Estate Police Community Leaders' Group

I was the president of the Aguadilla Regional Estate Police Community Leaders Group. I was in charge of leading the group of community of leaders from Isabela, Aguadilla, Aguada, San Sebastian, Rincon and Moca


My Resume in Pictures